Casa de Kenya

Hey Everyone! Alright, we’re about two months into 2018, how’s everyone doing? Are your New Years Resolution’s still intact or have you moved on? You all surviving the crazy winter weather of snow and rain? Stay strong, my friends! A lot has happened since my last post, most notably, I bought a house! FYI, I’m … More Casa de Kenya

Am I back?

One month ago I loaded up a 15ft Penske truck and drove over 450 miles down I-75 from Cincinnati to Atlanta. When I crossed the state line into Georgia, it didn’t feel real that I was back. When I hung out with my amazing family, it didn’t feel real that I was back. When I … More Am I back?

So long, Cincinnati!

Hi friends! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written, but I have some news! 3 ½ years ago I moved from Atlanta back to Cincinnati (I had lived here from 1993-1998) for a fresh start in my career. The first 6 months were some of the most stressful and hardest times of my life … More So long, Cincinnati!