What do you want to do with your life?


It is graduation season and many young minds are heading off to college or into the real world. Their graduation speaker will tell them about following their dreams, making a difference and staying true to themselves. It is an exciting, yet scary time! And many people will be asking these graduates: What do you want to do with your life? But, is that the right question to ask?

When I graduated from Boston University in 2002, I did not know EXACTLY what I wanted to do. Kudos to the kids that did! I knew I wanted to work in some form of media, have fun and make people feel good. Sounds awesome, right? I have been pretty fortunate to have a career that has fit some or all of those descriptions at some point in time. But, I always get antsy and feel like I need more! I am always soooo close to feeling fulfilled..but not 100%.  Perhaps it is because I moved around a bit as a child or perhaps I am still waiting for that place that really feels like home.  Whatever the reason, when I hit that point in my life, I will know. I follow my gut (no matter what the naysayers think…believe me, I have had a few!) and it has always steered me in the right direction to experiences that have made me who I am. Whether it be a new job or a new city, the choices I have made throughout my life have provided me amazing, challenging, disappointing, rewarding and exciting opportunities that I will never regret!

It is okay to not have all the answers. What makes life interesting is everything you go through to answer life’s questions. But, you should figure out what makes you happy. For me, that would be family, friends, coffee, good food, laughing until I cry, engrossing myself in a movie, book or magazine on a rainy Sunday (or by the pool!!).

So, I guess I am still searching for the answer to the question: What do you want to do with your life? And you know what, that is okay, because I know what makes me happy!

2 thoughts on “What do you want to do with your life?

  1. I think some times seeing your thoughts in print really brings it forward. This is why many people write journals , to look back and see how they have grown throuhghout the years. I think this is very thought provoking on your part. I think no matter how old or where one is in their lives we all strive to do better and reach some fulfilling goal. It is on going and once you reach that goal you strive to reach another. So, keep on searching for the journeyl really is never over.


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