10 Great Ways To Enjoy Your Summer

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, a time to honor those who fought and died for our freedom, a sacrifice I will always be undoubtedly grateful for. And, it’s also the unofficial start of SUMMER!

As a kid, my summer’s were packed full of Vacation Bible School, sleep-away camp, playing outside, BBQ’s, Clam Bakes (I miss eating shellfish…stupid allergies) , going to the beach and family vacations to New Jersey and Cape Cod aka down the Cape (that’s what we say in New England).  Life was good. But summer as an adult is just as fun!

Here are my thoughts on 10 great ways to enjoy your summer! P.S. there’s conflicting info on the interwebs on whether or not to capitalize summer, for my sanity, I didn’t capitalize it…except in the title of this blog.

  1. Go to the pool/beach and relax, sip a refreshing cocktail (or beer or water) and READ! I’ll be devouring these two books by Aliza Licht and Emily Giffin and my fashion mags…notice the girl power?!

            FullSizeRender_1  FullSizeRender

  1. Go to festivals! The summer is full of music and food festivals. Fill your ears with amazing tunes and fill your bellies with delicious food.
  2. Take a road trip! I don’t do this nearly enough. Pick a location 2-4 hours away and enjoy a long drive (perhaps with the top down if you have a convertible). Spend the night in cool little town, explore and then get back on the road. Even one night away from everyday life can be refreshing.
  3. Wear bright colors! I wear bright colors year-round, but summer is the best time for neons, pastels and summer whites. Bright colors brighten my mood. I’d show you my closet but I don’t want to frighten you with the chaos. If you don’t want to fully commit to an all bright outfit, throw on some bright sunnies. Here are some outfits I love!


  1. Family vacation – yes…even as an adult (with no kids) these can be fun. This year my family is going on week-long cruise. I can’t wait for quality family time, getting off the grid…and then quality alone time as I lay by the pool and sip a tropical cocktail.
  2. Have a BBQ (or make your friends throw one). Nothing beats sitting around and catching up with friends while you eat your face off.  As long as everyone brings something to share, throwing a BBQ can ease up on the stress of one person doing all of the work. Oh, and be sure to have some kick-ass tunes.
  3. Catch a summer blockbuster movie. Everyday can’t be gorgeous, so when the weather is yucky, go see a movie and forget about the real world for a few hours. There are some really fun movies premiering this summer. I can’t wait for Jurassic World, Entourage, Trainwreck, Spy, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and Fantastic Four!
  4. Enjoy summer fruits! When the weather is hot, I don’t like to turn on my oven. Cool off with yummy fruits of the season like cherries, pineapples, mangoes and grapes. Why not bring a fruit salad (you can even make it boozy) to that BBQ I recommend in #6?!
  5. Wear sunscreen! I feel the need to throw in this PSA as sun-safety is extremely important. And be sure to check the expiration date on your sunscreen, its shelf life is not as long as people think!
  6. Just get outside! If none of the above pique your interest, simply get outside for a minute and enjoy the warm weather. Us folks that live in colder climates need to soak up as much warm weather as we can before chilly temps and snow return.

             spring animated GIF

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