Thank You!

*Please note: feel free to have the theme song from Golden Girls playing in the background as you read this.

My coworker, Erin Flynn, has an amazing website called Post Grad Co. It is about designing your own path after you have entered the real world and she also gives out assignments. The first assignment was to send a Thank You note/text/email/letter to someone each day. Erin says, “you can’t start figuring out what you want without being thankful for what you have.” Smart lady! I gladly took on the assignment and thanked some very important people (all women actually!) in my life.

We often thank people when they have done something kind, but when someone has done something wrong to us or we find ourselves in a tough situation, we do not say anything. When we have ended a relationship, lost a job or had something else crappy happen, we are so focused on the bad that we cannot see how it is often a blessing (#blessed 🙂 ). A break-up means we were most likely meant for someone else, a lost job may allow us to finally go after that career we have always wanted. And to those crappy situations and/or the people who have hurt us, we should say Thank You!

Thank You to my friends and foes, to those who have helped and hurt me, loved and left me, taught and tested me. But, most importantly, Thank You to those who have encouraged and enlightened me because I have learned from all of the good and bad in every situation.

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