Music Festival People

This past weekend, I worked a music festival and it was exhausting and fun. Great music, yummy food and I got to hang out with my coworkers. Honestly, the best part was the people watching!! Music festival people are amazingly weird and awesome! I knew this would make a fun blog post, so obviously I made notes of the types of people I saw. Rather then try to photograph/video tape people,  I decided to use some gifs (I heart gifs) and photos from the interwebs to visualize these gems.

Here are the 7 types of music festival people I saw this weekend, plus 1 random.

The Free Spirit/Flower Child…just enjoying life without a care in the world.

flower child

The Drunk. I’m using a cat gif for emphasis and hilarity.

drunk cat

The Dancers. Alllll types…whether they could dance or not, these folks were really feeling the jams.                                                        dancing 1

dancing 2

dancing 3

dancing 4

The people who bring their kids. I don’t always think this is a good idea, especially when you’re pushing a giant stroller through a huge crowd. But, if you MUST see your favorite band and can’t find a babysitter, then so be it!


The people who dress in all types of crazy/awesome outfits. Whether it’s floppy hats, crop tops, tiny shorts, flowy dresses, cargo shorts, americana or even swim wear, these festivals goers had creative fashion choices.




The people with interesting footwear choices. This weekend I saw crocs, converse, Tevas, Birkenstocks, cowboy boots, jelly shoes, boats shoes, flip flops, gladiator sandals and sadly, heels. Heels are a no-no for me at festivals.


The people with crazy hair colors. I LOVED seeing all of the wild hair colors!! Pink, green, blue, purple, red and grey. It was awesome! I wish I could pull it off.

hair color

And then there was this…

dinosaur head

What types of folks do you see at music festivals? I know I’m missing some good ones!

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