Overheard during All-Star

For MLB All-Star, Cincinnati took the phrase “Go Big, or Go Home” seriously. I mean, we put a hat and moustache on a building for goodness sake!

Scripps building
The city came alive for All-Star Week with events happening all around town and even in the outlying neighborhoods. I live downtown in an area called The Banks and much of it was used for the Pepsi All-Star Block Party. The area was jam-packed for days with people filled with baseball mania!

For those of us that worked in and around the events, many of us had a blast but were extremely exhausted! With so many people out and about, I overheard a lot of hilarious comments, and even made some myself. Below are some of the funny things overheard during a week of baseball festivities:

Pre All-Star
“It hasn’t even started and I’m ready for this to be over!”

“I’m ready for July 15th (the day after All-Star)”

“I’m so excited for All-Star!” – every baseball fan in the city

Demi Lovato Concert
“Why did we get here so early?” – A mom said this to me as we grabbed our seats…3 hours before the concert. The sun was beating down on us. And p.s. I was there with 2 other adults…not kids.

“This is my first concert in like, 7 years” – said the 12-year-old behind me.

“I can’t decide if I want cotton candy or an ice cream sundae” – me pondering important things.

“Definitely get the sundae, it’s obviously the better choice” – another 12-year-old behind me. I ended up not getting either…sad face.

Working the prize wheel
” Can I have two shirts” – said a lovely customer…my answer was always “no”.

“Do I have to stand in line to get a fan?” – said another lovely customer…my answer was always “yes”.

“No thanks, we really just want to win the shirt” – said a lovely customer, who won a fan.

“I just like spinning the wheel!” – said another lovely customer!

During a torrential downpour with gale force winds
“I truly thought I was going to get blown away!” Erin, as she ran for shelter carrying our Instagram sign, which tore into pieces!

“Forget about your sunglasses!” – yelled a man, as I turned to get my sunglasses, which had fallen off as I was running for shelter. The sunglasses were then crushed by a falling gate.

Milling around town during All-Star
“This is all so cool!” – almost every person walking around The Banks and Downtown.

“I’m so proud of Cincinnati” – a lot of people 🙂

“The Home Run Derby was AWESOME!” – lots and lots of people!

Post All-Star
“I think the whole city is tired”

“Although that was fun, I might call that Three Days in Hell” – me after days in sweltering heat and being so tired I could barely stand.

“What will happen to the moustache statues?” – concerned Cincinnatians who want the moustaches to stay!

But seriously folks. Despite being insanely exhausted, it was AMAZING to be a part of the 2015 All-Star Week festivities. Tons of people worked extremely hard before and during the event to make All-Star in Cincinnati an unbelievable experience for hometown and out-of-town guests. Who knows when I’ll get that opportunity again?! Plus, I ran into Atlanta Braves favorite, John Smoltz, on the last day! Always gotta end on a positive note!


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