Diversity, hot temps, squad goals, fashion and other thoughts on The 67th Primetime Emmys!


Those who know me know that I absolutely LOVE awards season. I have been a fan of film and television since I was kid and of course, I love the fashion!  Last night, awards season kicked-off with The 67th Primetime Emmy Awards and here are my thoughts on the show and the fashion!

  • First things first: Diversity won last night. Hollywood has a loooong way to go but seeing people who look like me (color and gender) up on that stage and holding their awards made me smile. Lots of nominations (and wins) for people of color and wins for women (outside of women only categories). I mean Viola and Uzo made freaking history!!!! And Regina…I have loved her since 227. BLACK GIRLS ROCK! I love this industry and know its challenges, but I am hopeful that it will continue to get better.
  • Viola, Regina, Uzo, Amy Schumer and Jon Hamm FTW!!!!!
  • Viola and Uzo’s speeches made me cry and made me proud to be a pretty chocolate girl 🙂
  • Loved seeing Tracy Morgan happy, healthy and cracking jokes
  • There was an odd lack of energy at times (especially from some of the winners!).  Possible reasons:
    • All award shows can’t be rowdy like the Golden Globes
    • Folks were tired from the heat wave on the red carpet
    • People are still sad about Ben and Jen’s divorce
    • Football
  • Andy Samberg (whom I love) had jokes that were falling flat. But his opening musical was great and he got better as the show went on. Key and Peele for 2016 Emmy hosts??!!
  • Apparently we all need to watch Olive Kitteridge
  • The montage of shows that ended this year had A LOT of characters die!
  • We lost some amazing talent this year  😦
  • Apple Music’s commercial made me want to have a mix tape party with Kerry Washington, Mary J. Blige, and Taraji P. Henson. (p.s. Kerry needs to use her middle initial to make this trio legit) #SquadGoals
  • Favorite presenters: The Amy’s, Key and Peele, Ricky Gervais (bow down), Tina Fey and Tracy Morgan (obvi!)

Now let’s talk about the fashion!

It was reportedly 100 degrees in LA on the red carpet. Fox had hand fans…genius. Glam squads were probably freaking out. Heavy make-up, long gowns and tuxedos DO NOT mix with hot weather. Props to everyone working and walking on that red carpet! The trends of the evening seemed to be jewel tones and black (an unfortunate choice for such hot temps). Lots of ladies had slicked back hair and my guess is you can thank the humidity for that.

There were so many gorgeous dresses, some dashing men and a few fun risk takers. **All photos are from eonline.com or people.com**

As I mentioned, there were seriously a TON of gorgeous dresses, but I narrowed down to my Top 6. I chose these ladies, because their looks were top-notch from head to toe. Make-up, accessories, everything!!

Top Row: Lady Gaga, Emma Roberts, Samira Wiley ; Bottom Row: Sarah Paulson, Padma Lakshmi, Queen Latifah

ladygagaemma robertsSamira

sarahppadmaQueen Latifah

These gentlemen looked sooooo handsome! Trevor Noah, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Justin Mikita,  and Joe Manganiello. Don Cheadle also looked amazing, but I couldn’t find a picture.

trevor)67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

And these two ladies are my favorite Red Carpet Risk Takers! Kerry Washington and January Jones.


What were your thoughts on the Emmy’s show and fashion?

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