What are you GRATEFUL for?

As I mentioned in the bio of my blog (which I know you ALL HAVE READ!!), my therapist told me that writing will help me when I go through bouts of depression. And of course, she was right. This blog has allowed me to share my thoughts with friends, family and strangers! Using this medium has also helped me share personal and fun things, like the fact that I see a therapist and my love of television, movies and fashion! This post is more personal but it’s not a sob story, don’t worry!!

Depression affects more people than we all probably realize. Some people take medication, some people meditate. There are many ways to treat the various levels. I write…among other things. Sometimes I write things down, then throw them away, sometimes I write in a journal, sometimes, I write in my blog 🙂 Having a way to release what is in my head, keeps me from having too many feelings locked up inside. As I mentioned, I also write about light-hearted stuff, too! Remember my post on Festival People?? Making people laugh also helps me!

In one of my earlier sessions, my therapist was very specific in what I needed to write down. I had to start a Gratitude Journal. Many people have done this (Oprah does it which means it’s awesome, right??!!) and it’s a powerful way to end (or start) your day and boost your mood. It’s also a pretty cheap and easy task. Each day, take a minute to write down 5 things you are grateful for. Try to make them specific, personal, and different each day…although, being grateful that Scandal is back on is understandable. Some may seem silly or simple, but it is what YOU are grateful for. After a week or so of doing this, take some time and reread what you’ve written. Do you feel a little better? You’ll realize, some of the things you’ve jotted down will make you laugh and smile.

So, what am I grateful for today?

  1. A gorgeous fall day with lots of sunshine. I NEED sunshine.
  2. My kind friend, Anne, who brought me some delicious homemade soup!
  3. A great quote I heard that was timely and really stuck with me: “When you complain, you’ll remain. When you praise, you’ll raise” – Joel Osteen.
  4. Having a great time and meeting new people at the Pumpkin Party last night.
  5. Being ok with sharing my thoughts so openly…BECAUSE I KNOW YOU ALL CARE!! 😉

So, what are you grateful for? If you do start a Gratitude Journal, let me know how it goes!

2 thoughts on “What are you GRATEFUL for?

  1. Depression and Anxiety are slippery beasts. Finding ways to co-exist with them are an ongoing struggle for me.
    I LOVED this post. Practicing gratitude is something I actively strive for. Here are my grateful moments for today:

    1) Grateful I can share my love of healthful food with friends (see: the indomitable KB )
    2) A crisp fall day and a cozy warm scarf
    3) A day that I determine as my own. I am my own keeper of my time.
    4) A goofy and loving catch-up phone call with my mama.
    5) A clean and warm home that I maintain. I’m grateful for my independence.

    Keep moving forward. XOXO.

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  2. Love the quote from Joel Osteen. A Gratitude Journal is something I have been thinking about doing for a while, Kenya, you’re the catalyst!

    I am grateful
    to be able to walk in the park under the sun
    for the day I spent with my husband who is always working
    for a passionate pastor who feeds me spiritually
    that I will see my children and grandchildren in a few weeks
    for all my family here, there and everywhere that support me in many different ways

    And for a terrific niece, part of that family, who is a beautiful, strong and courageous girl.

    Love You.
    Aunty Leona


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