10 GIFs To Describe What We Deal With At The End Of Each Year

I started to write my last blog post of the year about my favorite moments in 2015. But, EVERYONE does a year-end recap. I was even bored trying to write it! Although, creating this blog was very high on the list, in case you cared. I figured I needed to end the year on a funny note. Making people smile or laugh brings me so much joy!

The end of the year can be stressful as we try to cram in work reviews and reports, holiday shopping, holiday travel, TOO MUCH FAMILY TIME (I love my family btdubbs), and so forth. So, with the help of some awesome gifs* (you all know I love a good gif!!), here are the 10 things many people deal with as they round out the end of each year.

  1. When you get the “it’s time to write your annual review” email and  you soooo don’t want to do it:



2. When you get the “your annual review is due TODAY” email and you  haven’t even started it:



3. How you SHOULD act at the office holiday party:



4. How you ACTUALLY act at the office party:



5. When you leave the office and won’t be back for the rest of the year:



6. When you get to your parent’s house and don’t want to do ANYTHING until your holiday break is over:



7. Kids on Christmas Morning:



8. Adults on Christmas Morning:



9. New Years Eve:



10. Heading back into the office at the start of the new year:


I hope you all have enjoyed my blog this year.  Thanks for all of your support! If I made you laugh, great. If I made you angry or annoyed, too bad.

I’m looking forward to writing some great posts in 2016.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!

*Gifs were from reactiongifs.com and giphy.com

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