Winter…is here.


Remember when it was warm in December and we all wanted “Christmas Weather”?

Winter…it’s finally here. When I was a kid living in Boston, winter was awesome! Sledding, skiing, and recess in the snow (seriously…we never had snow days)  were tons of fun! I would be sent to school/church/wherever bundled from head to toe in my newest snow suit and boots. I always had those mitten attachments because I was notorious for losing mittens. I thought life was good, but then, I moved down south to Atlanta.

Wait, to be honest, I was born in Boston, moved to Atlanta, and then to Cincinnati. I went back to Boston for college, then to Stuart, Florida for a year after college, then back to Atlanta. And now I’m back in Cincinnati. Something is wrong with me, I know.

After many years in Atlanta, my body got used to warmer weather. I swear my blood thinned. That’s a thing, right? My body was happy in warmer weather.  Lots of pool and patio days and outdoor festivals! Vitamin D and I became besties. It does get cold in Atlanta, but it’s for a short amount of time, so it isn’t as bad.  We’ll just forget about the blizzard of 1992, and Snowmageddon in 2014, where I abandoned my car in a random neighborhood and walked two miles home!

Last winter was my first winter back in Cincinnati. One lovely morning, my car thermometer read  -9 degrees. NEGATIVE NINE. I thought I was being punked by Mother Nature. I felt sluggish and I was convinced I had a thyroid problem. I went to the doctor, and after running tests she was like, “ummm your body is just getting used to a real winter again”.

Now, I don’t totally dislike winter. I do still love skiing and sledding. Playing in the snow makes me feel like a kid again. Chili, hot chocolate and red wine are also great in winter (although red wine is great year-round, AMRITE?!). And, this fashionista loves coats and boots. Winter just makes me suuuuper lazy. It takes a lot of effort to get out from under the warm comforter each morning and to go workout. I mean, when will it be acceptable for humans to hibernate or to grow a thick layer of fat to protect ourselves from the cold, like animals do?!?!

I’m sure many of us get a small dose of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) this time of year. Btdubbs, that acronym is spot on! For those of you that live in warmer climates, don’t take it for granted. I know, I’m being super dramatic. Someday, I may live in an even colder climate, so I need to suck it up. I’ll ease up on the complaining. I know Cincinnati is not nearly as tough as some other places; Chicago was FRIGID last week! And don’t even get me started on the North of Westeros…come on, you knew another Game of Thrones reference was coming.

If you need a good laugh on a cold day, check out the #toocoldtuesday memes and GIFs. They are HYSTERICAL.

Winter isn’t coming, it’s here, folks. Stay warm!



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