It’s the little things…

Do you ever have those mornings where you wake up and you’re immediately driving the struggle bus? Like, 90 miles an hour straight into the “not today” wall? Or something just puts you in the wrong mood and you’re angry, sad, or annoyed? This definitely happens to me.

But then, something simple happens that slows down the struggle bus, and you turn onto “today isn’t so bad” lane. You guys, apologies about these driving references, they’re horrible. These little things can come in various forms:  a hilarious text message from your friends (Kate and Whitney, you two could win a prize for this), a stranger smiles and says hello, an apology that you didn’t realize you needed in order to move on, the sunshine beating down on your face (GO AWAY WINTER!), or a delicious donut…for reals, a donut can turn that frown upside down. These moments can be fleeting, but they’re so great.

When these moments happen, I take the time to enjoy them because, it’s the little things… 🙂

Have a fantastic day everyone!!



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