I (sorta) took a vacation by myself and it was awesome!

Roatan sunsets are the best

Last week, I took a trip to Roatan, Honduras for a wedding and it was amazing. Quick note about Roatan: If you don’t know anything about the island, please look it up. It is absolutely stunning with some of the friendliest people ever. Due to its location in Central America with a Caribbean coastline, the people are beautiful and have very diverse features.

Ok, back to the point of the blog post. When I got the invitation many months ago and saw that the wedding was in Honduras, a few thoughts ran through my mind: 1) Are Maggie and Garrett getting married in the jungle? Obviously, that was pure ignorance on my part 2) Should I go even if I won’t know anyone other then the bride and groom? 3) When is the next time I’ll actually go to Honduras???

There was the possibility of knowing two other people at the wedding, but it wasn’t confirmed that either were going to go. I’ve been to weddings by myself, but I’ve never been to a destination wedding by myself. So, I decided…screw it. I’m going and I’m going to make a vacation out of it!

After I booked the trip, pure panic set in. What if I get really lonely? Should I have brought a friend? (Btdubbs…I did ask family and friends and no one could go. THANKS FOR NOTHING FAMILY AND FRIENDS)!  OMG, will I get attacked by sand fleas/sand flies (I had done some research on the island…yup, I got bit but, whatevs)? Will I get the Zika virus (no, I didn’t)? As you can see, I have a problem with initially freaking out about things and then eventually calming down. Always give me 24-48 hours after doing something important and I’ll return to normalcy.

So, how did I fare taking a pseudo vacation all by myself? Very well, thank you! Here are my takeaways on solo vacation travel:

1 – You get a room  (or a freaking bungalow!!) to yourself! I could hog the mirror, set the room temp and be as clean or messy as I wanted. Yes!!

My bungalow, it was called Stromboli

2 – People at the hotel bar (or any bar actually) can be really friendly. Often times, I’d sit at the bar or on the patio to grab a drink and bite to eat. Someone always said hello and struck up a conversation.

Many fish tacos and beverages were had at the hotel restaurant

3 – You don’t need a companion to sunbathe. You’re on the beach for goodness sake. Read a book, listen to music, and enjoy the peace and quiet!

The beach is stunning

4 – You’ll probably make a new friend or two. My situation was different because I was there for a wedding. But, I ended up making some VERY cool new friends!

My new friend, Amanda!

5 – You can do WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO! No need to coordinate schedules. You wanna sleep in? Close the blackout curtains and sleep until your heart’s content. You wanna take a trip into the village? By all means, jump on the water taxi and go. You wanna start boozing it up at 10am? Draaaaank!

Of course, one should always be safe when traveling alone. Don’t tell strangers you’re alone. Get to know security or the hotel staff and don’t travel alone at night.

I had a few moments of loneliness, but they quickly passed when I realized I was in paradise drinking a Bananarama (basically a smoothie with vodka…see the pic on the far right above). Overall, the trip was unbelievably fun and now I have the confidence to really travel solo!

2 thoughts on “I (sorta) took a vacation by myself and it was awesome!

  1. Sooo glad u had a great time!! Honduras looks beautiful. Next time I’ll coordinate my trips better so I can go with you


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