The need to learn and try new things

I constantly need to learn, to try new things, and to be challenged. I get bored or burned out very easily. I’ll do a particular workout for a few months and then feel the need to switch it up. In a job, I need to feel challenged and continue to learn new things to keep me stimulated and excited. Perhaps it’s because I’ve always been a go-getter and up for a challenge and/or because I’m an Aries and this is just how we are. You decide.

Let’s take a trip back to last year, where I didn’t feel like I was heading in the right direction, personally, professionally…whatever. I needed a change. I needed to have something else to do besides going to work. Don’t get me wrong, I like my job and I do enjoy plenty of down time. Me and my couch are besties. I simply needed to stimulate my brain and feel energized. So, I thought about what makes me excited, and made a (mental) list that included: entertainment (movies/tv, etc), fashion, writing (who knew?), and learning/trying new things…obvi. I then asked myself, do you need to incorporate these things into your everyday life? Well, yes, but technically, I already do! I consume an obscene about of entertainment, I (attempt) to wear fun and fashionable clothes, I (attempt) to write my blog on a consistent basis, and I try to learn new things. All of these mental notes and lists were making my head hurt. So, I decided to simply combine two of the things that excite me, and go from there.

Should I write about entertainment and fashion? Eh, I sort of do that with my blog. Should I learn more about entertainment? Eh, I majored in Film and my daily tv consumption is not healthy. Should I learn about fashion? In the words of Missy Elliot, hold up, wait a minute. Learning about fashion was a good idea! Anyone who truly knows me knows that I looooove fashion. But, mostly what I know about it comes from magazines, red carpet shows and shopping. To keep things relevant, I decided to focus on marketing, an area I currently work in, but have never been formally trained in. For a hot minute, I almost went back to school full time to get a degree in Fashion Marketing. But after some research and asking myself more questions (So.Many.Questions.), I realized, a class or two was all I needed. I also realized that my marketing focus has been within the US and learning more about Global Marketing could help me be more well-round. And with that, I signed up for an online class at Parsons School of Design/New School in Fashion Marketing in a Global Environment.

And so now we’re back to present day, and I’m doing homework and working on a class project. Ugh, homework is the worst! How did we all do this for so many years??!! But, I am learning! Some of the basics I already knew, but it never hurts to have a refresher. Reading marketing case studies on brands like Target, Nike and Speedo has been fascinating. Understanding how politics, environments, subcultures and beliefs factor into bringing a product into a new market has been great to learn as well. Knowing and understanding your consumer and their behavior is key…obvi! The typical consumer may not be who you think. Check out this video on who the “typical person” is and proceed to have your mind blown:

Because it’s an online class, there are people from places like Argentina and China taking the class with me. How cool is that? We all bring a completely different perspective to the class. I’m learning about international brands that I never knew existed. Am I off to work for a global fashion company when I’m done with this class? Not necessarily. But I will be able to take the lessons I’ve learned and put them to use in my current role.

Listen to yourself when you say you need to try something new and/or different. It’s probably for a very good reason. Start by asking yourself some key questions: Why do I need to try something new? What would fill that void? What would make me happy/excited/a better person? Eventually, you’ll narrow it down to that one thing you can do or try. Whether it be big or small, scary or challenging. As long as you know you’ll be better for it in the end, go for it!

This class is challenging and has definitely cured my need for mental stimulation and excitement. And once the class is over, I guarantee you, I’ll be on the lookout for that next “challenge”. Perhaps I should try my hand at guitar…again….hmmmmm…maybe.

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