My Summer Music Playlist


Ok, so it won’t officially be Summer for about a month and Memorial Day, the unofficial start of Summer, is a week away. But, who cares? I’m gonna write about Summer anyway, yay!! First things first, let’s have a moment of silence for those parts of the country that were in a deep freeze this past week…………..Ok. It snowed in Maine…in May. Ew. Climate change? There’s no such thing. Yeah, right.

Rather then hide under the covers, I decided to start my summer prep. I’ve been upping my cardio – winter weight, be gone! I went online and ordered a new swimsuit and cover up, in prep for the winter weight disappearance. I have planned some great trips and I put together a Summer playlist.

My close friends know that I love to make playlists. My taste in music is pretty eclectic including Motown, Pop, Country, Disco, R&B and Classical. I tend to have something for almost everyone, sort of.

My summer playlist is called Poolside, which I remake each year to keep things fresh and it’s always a mix of old and new songs. I’m old. My commute to work is 7 minutes so I mainly listen to NPR. I rely on Itunes, award shows and the internet to help keep me up to speed on the latest songs.

Anyway, the key to a jammin’ summer playlist is to have a combination of songs that make you want to dance and allow you to mellow out. Let’s be real, most of us spend our leisure time in the summer by the pool/beach/lake, on a road trip, at a BBQ or on someones patio. Sitting by the pool, drinking a grownup beverage, and listening to some kick-ass tunes is pretty close to perfection for me.


Side note: if you aren’t into making your own playlist, the Hip Hop BBQ station on Pandora is legit. Thank you, Anne, for telling me about that gem.

This year’s Poolside playlist has 91 songs and 6 hours of music. Needless to say, I’ll be set for a bit. I won’t bore you by listing out all of the songs, but I’ll share some of my favorites for this year:

  1. Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake – THE song of the summer!
  2. Bob Marley – many of his songs. He’s a must on my Poolside list.
  3. Pillowtalk by Zayn – this is kinda hot tub/baby making music but still good for sunbathing.
  4. Dance With Me by 112 – in honor of the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour.
  5. Freedom by Beyonce featuring Kendrick Lamar – this is my JAM. You betta be sippin’ some of that Lemonade this summer!
  6. P.Y.T by Michael Jackson – if you question any Michael Jackson song, I’ll punch you in the face.
  7. KISS by Prince – because Prince should be on all playlists. RIP.
  8. Madness by Muse – the background beat is pretty sweet.
  9. All Eyez On Me by Tupac & Skye – good song to nod your head to.
  10. Blame It by Jamie Foxx featuring T-Pain – this is great when when people have a nice buzz.
  11. Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars – always gets people moving in their seats.
  12. Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars – legitimately gets people out of their seats and dancing.
  13. A Little Respect by Erasure – gotta throw in a “what?” kinda song that people won’t admit they like. Or maybe I’m the only one who likes this song. Whatevs.
  14. Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay by Otis Redding  – because, Otis and Motown.
  15. Can’t Feel My Face by The Weekend –  another song that gets people moving in their seats, whether they like the song or not. It’s catchy, damn it!
  16. We Takin’ Over by DJ Khaled – because everyone and their mother is featured in this song and when it comes on I.MUST.BUST.A.MOVE.

So, raise your hand if you hate my taste in music. NOBODY CARES WHAT YOU THINK!!

Again, these are a just a few of the songs that I will have on repeat ALL SUMMER LONG. What songs will you be listening to and what should definitely be on my Poolside playlist this year?

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