ORDER UP: Side Hustle with a splash of Fear!


The other day a good friend of mine launched a really cool sports podcast called, Girls on the Sidelines…check it out! My older sister and niece have a booming natural beauty business, Zandra Beauty…their products are AMAZING! I constantly see my friends promoting their consulting services, jewelry shops, photography businesses …you name it! So it got me wondering – Daaaang does everyone have a side hustle??!!

Entreprenuer.com describes a side hustle as:

…a way to make some extra cash that allows you flexibility to pursue what you’re most interested in. It can also be your true passion – a chance to delve into fashion, travel or whatever it is you care about the most without quitting your day job.”

Some people have side hustles to simply help pay for rent/groceries, etc. Some may consider their side hustle to be more like a passion project or maybe just a hobby that allowed them to eventually generate revenue. Others probably hope their side hustle’s become a career. The internet is full of recommendations on how to turn a hobby into a side hustle and then into a full blown career. Smell ya later, boring office job!

Doing something you love, outside of your everyday job, is cool but being able to get paid for it, well that’s just the BEES KNEES! Although, I do know some folks really just want to keep their hobby as just a hobby. That’s it. Mad props and respect to that.

Buuuuut, back to making “dolla dolla bills, y’all” for your passion. Hmmmm, what could I turn into a side hustle? Do I want or need one? For a while I was making jewelry, but I didn’t sell it. I was giving them as gifts because it was more cost effective when money was tight. But I guess I could’ve tried to sell it to turn the money situation around. Ooops. I like fashion and shopping, scratch that, I LOVE fashion and shopping. I also enjoy writing this silly blog, knowing way too much about pop culture, and making people laugh, hence my  goofy social media posts. I guess that means I could be a personal shopper/stylist, a professional blogger (wait is that a side hustle or a job?), work for E! News or a glossy fashion mag (I would die) orrrrr… be a social media comedian (yeah, no). I’ve written other posts about turning your passion into your career. Seeing my friends actually do it is so damn inspiring!

I know it’s time for me to turn all this talk into action but, I think there’s a little bit of fear. Fear of failure? Maybe, but I’ve failed epically in the past and I’m still around to talk about it. So what sort of fear is it then? First, there’s a fear that I’ll have to live far from my family and friends. To work in fashion/pop culture do I need to live in NYC or LA? Well, not necessarily. Also, there is a thing called a plane. Second, my quality of life will change. But it could be a change for the better, right?! So what is it dang it??!!

It’s change. My fear is about change. This is so crazy though cause I’m constantly changing things in my life, for better or worse. Also, I make assumptions. FAR TOO MANY!! And you know what they say about assumptions? They make an ASS out of YOU (U) and ME. So clever.

Ok so, what do I do now? I suck it up, get focused, remind myself that  no matter what, it’s ok to be afraid and that change is a constant. Who knows, maybe this time next year I’ll be writing you all about my new career as a comedic fashion stylist who gives weekly pop culture run downs on SnapChat.

So, what’s your side hustle?

3 thoughts on “ORDER UP: Side Hustle with a splash of Fear!

  1. Great post very interesting & entertaining. I really don’t have a side hustle I spend all my time going after my dreams & passions. So I guess my side hustle would be my job because I spend that vast majority of my time working towards my dreams.


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