I mean…it’s hot outside.

Ok, so back in January, I wrote a post about how cold it was. So, it’s only fair that I write about this RIDICULOUS heat wave.

I currently live in Cincinnati, OH. It gets insanely humid here. Like, seriously humid.ย Yes, I know it’s summer. But, these heat indices are out of control! This is what it felt like in my area last week. Really, Sherry?!?!


Most people walk around looking like this:

Source: Reddit via Giphy.com


It’s pointless to try and style your hair, because you’ll walk out of the house feeling like this:

Source: BLUUSEALOVE.TUMBLR.COM via Giphy.com


But then 10 minutes later, you’ll look like this:

Source: headoverfeels.com


Turning the oven on is a death sentence, which means dinner looks like this:


Which oddly looks similar to when I’m eating my feelings.

So then I workout, to combat the affects from above, and basically start overheating. Cue more of this:



My makeup often looks like this:

Source: wifflegif.com


And my clothes look like this:



Which means during an insane heat wave, you can find me doing this:



How do you stay cool in the sweltering heat?



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