Just Breathe


It’s late October. We’re officially in Q4. The fall weather is here,  there’s Pumpkin Spice and/or Apple Cider flavored everything, and folks are scrambling for last-minute Halloween ideas. In a month, many of us will be giving thanks for all we’re grateful for while shoveling delicious food in our mouths. As December kicks in, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and whatever other holiday I forgot, will consume much of our time. And finally, as we round out the year, we’ll all be thinking about the year we’re leaving behind and all the things that lie ahead in 2017.

But you know what also happens around this time? STRESS! Year-end budgets are being scrutinized while bosses are asking their team to plan their budgets for the following year. People are also working on next year’s strategies, headcount, self-reviews (you know that email from HR is coming!!), and year-end parties (a first world problem which can be stressful to plan!). We’re also cramming to get all of our work done so we can attempt to sign-off  for the last week or two of the year. Let’s not forget the stress that comes with the holidays. Yes, they can be a joyous occasion but cooking, traveling, dealing with family, and all that jazz can get to the best of us.

PLEASE NOTE: I know there are people who would be happy to have all of this stress because it means 1) you have a job 2) you have family/loved ones to spend time with 3) you’ve got a roof over your head 4) you’ve got food to eat!

So why am I writing about this? Well, yesterday morning, I peeled myself out of bed to do some yoga…props to Exercise Sports Skool On Demand. I was super comfy and REALLY didn’t want to get up. But, I’ve had a lot on my mind lately and I knew it would help. Throughout the practice the instructor often said “don’t forget to breathe”. It’s easy to lose track of ones breathing while trying to focus on holding the right pose. Bringing my focus back to my breathing helps bring back my overall focus of the pose. I’m able to recenter my thinking. Make sense?

Anyway, so, when I’m stressed out (THANKS FOR NOTHING Q4!), I tell myself, “Just Breathe,” and I take a deep breath. Sometimes I need to walk away from the stressful situation, count to ten (scream at the top of my lungs and/or hit a punching bag) and then, JUST BREATHE. Doesn’t Lindsey Lohan have that phrase tattooed on her body?


Hopefully, despite the stresses of the end of the year (PLEASE BE OVER, ELECTIONS. WE CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE! ), you’re all enjoying the good parts as well. And if you’re starting to feel a little stressed out, pause for a second, and JUST BREATHE.


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