So about this running thing…


First things first, I’m not new to running. I was a high school and college athlete. Running consistently, and for more than 2 miles, just for the sake of it, is new to me. Also, working out isn’t new to me. I like working out. I’m mildly obsessed with spinning and I enjoy the benefits of strength training, yoga and barre workouts. But, back to this running thing…

Over the last year, I started running more, and because social media is BAE, I often post about it. So why did I start running? Well I’m glad you asked!

I get homesick and lonely because, well, I’m human. And even though I lived in Cincinnati when I was younger, it’s not home. I miss my family and close friends that live in places like DC, California and Massachusetts. And don’t get me started on the Atlanta contingency…Peace Up, A-town Down! Running (and working out in general) is an escape and helps me keep my mind off of the stuff that puts me in a sad mood.

Signing up for races gives me a goal to strive for, and when I accomplish that goal, I feel fantastic! The adrenaline and emotion when you cross the finish line is pretty sweet. And there’s often a medal, free food and/or beer at the end of the races. By now you should all know that I’m often motivated by food.

Flying Pig 10k!! Look at that shiny medal!

And to continue on this topic of food, just so you know, I like to eat. Scratch that, I LOVE to eat. I try to eat fairly healthy, everything in moderation, but sweets are literally my Achilles heel. The amount of food posts, especially sweets, on Snap Chat are a true testament to my problem. So honestly, I also run because I like candy too much.

I’m not a great runner. I honestly don’t think I’m really a runner, I just kinda like to run. Ha.  I have a number of great coworkers who are AMAZING runners. They’re so good, they’ve run numerous half and full marathons. I don’t think my legs are ready for that yet. Me, I’m ok. I’ve done a few 5Ks and two 10Ks. My goal with races is to try to run below a 10 minute mile…and to just finish without having an asthma attack. My best friend, Kate, is an amazing runner and she’s been great with keeping me motivated. But running can hurt, like many sports. Sore knees and tight muscles are no fun. But I keep coming back to it, because I’m either a glutton for punishment, old and senile, or crazy. Let’s go with all of the above.

I know my social posts about running and working out can be annoying. Most people’s are, AMIRITE?! If I don’t post about it, did it really happen though?!! I started to post more because I noticed that when other people, that I follow on Instagram, etc, post their workouts, they inspire me. They post the good and the bad, and it really is helpful. A former co-worker started a Facebook group so that everyone who joined could motivate each other to try to stay healthy. My friend, along with her two friends, post their workouts and meals (again, the good and the bad!) on Instagram and I love it! They’re showing that we can help hold each other accountable and that we’re all human (NOT PERFECT!) and that sometimes….we need a freaking break, so EAT THE DAMN ICE CREAM!

Will this running thing last? Who knows. When ready, my old lady knees will tell me they’ve had enough. But for now, I’ll keep running and spinning and doing yoga. And you know what, I’m gonna keep posting about it. You all should post about whatever you want, too! If my posts get on your nerves, there are these really cool buttons called UNFOLLOW AND UNFRIEND.

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Next up is The Peachtree Road Race and I’m super excited to run it with my family!

Thanks for reading….so tell me, why do you run/workout?

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